Styrofoam, plaster, paint, invisible nylon strings, electrical lights
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In the corner of the room a piece of space is enclosed behind a group of film-/photo-studio lights. The space holds what resembles a frozen moment in time; a brick seems to float in the air after bursting its way out from the wall. A hole is gaping in the wall behind the brick and debris are fixed in the air in front of it. The piece becomes a distant yet present collapse of structures. Maybe the structure of the wall is about to fall apart, and we’re watching the ignition spark of that very convergence. We also experience two different time modes colliding; Our real time is confronted with a still, or a motion too slow to follow.

1:1 borrows its language from a mix between classic museum dioramas used to mimic scenes from nature or history, and recent digital effects where the visual reality is further bent by presenting “impossible” pannings and split time lapses.

The brick and the splinters are painted styrofoam models suspended in invisible strings, often used by magicians to create “levitating” objects in card tricks, etc. The back wall with the hole is constructed using wood, plasterboard and styrofoam.