To R.M for EVER(2011/2013)
Museum version: Styrofoam, steel, plaster, paint
Permanent commission sculpture, Harden, Australia: Acristal (two component plaster), filler, metal, paint, varnish
(680 × 820 × 200 cm)
/ work info

The seven-meter-high stone formation is a paraphrase in monumental format of Magritte's painting The Art of Conversation from 1950. The sculpture gives us a chance to move around behind the petrified dream of the painting, and the back of the sculpture turns out to be an introduction to something new.

Wedged in among the stone blocks, the word rêve (dream) is visible. In Magritte's painting all is a dream, but here the rock has become an actual sculpture, and the dream has become real. In this way, the artist opens a vista onto a landscape on the border between dream and reality. On the opposite side of the work we find the word ever.